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Garden All-In-One HydroGarden Grow Kit

Garden All-In-One HydroGarden Grow Kit

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  • An easy all-in-one solution
  • Makes a wonderful and stylish gift!
  • Compact size and modern design
The HydroGarden contains everything you need to grow delicious fresh foods and beautiful flowers right in the convenience of your own home. Growing your own has never been this easy with the HydroGarden providing the right amount of light, water and nutrients for you to enjoy a bountiful harvest. Simply plug in, add water, sow seeds and let HydroGarden take care of the rest!

Each unit comes with 2 growing containers, growing medium (vermiculite), an ultra-efficient LED grow light (with mains power adapter), 2 starter packs of herb seeds and mini bottle of Seasol PowerFeed Pro Series All-In-One Hydroponics liquid.®

Indoor hydroponics systems have grown in popularity over the past few years as more and more people wish to grow fresh produce in the comfort of their own home. With gardens becoming smaller, and more people living in high density housing, the HydroGarden range by Mr Fothergill's is the perfect option for those with limited space and natural light.

These smart hydroponic gardens look after all your plant’s needs with a grow light on a timer to provide a natural day/night cycle, and water level indicators so you know when to top up the water. Simply sow your seeds, add water and let your smart garden do the rest.

The crisp modern design of the HydroGarden makes it an attractive feature for any room or keep it on the kitchen bench to add fresh produce direct to your cooking. You can even go on holidays without the worry of your plants not being watered!


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