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Air Tool - Car Air Conditioning Tool Set Manifold Gauge

Air Tool - Car Air Conditioning Tool Set Manifold Gauge

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This complete diagnostic gauge set is designed for AC charging, diagnostic check, recovery and evacuation work.

* 3 color-coded 5 FT. long service hose with storage attachment
* Made from solid bass + aluminum + PVC + plastic, stands up to heavy use and accidental drops, ideal for professional auto mechanics
* Aluminum alloy manifold testing body with built in sight glass
* Quick disconnect couplers for high/low fittings included
* It contains a durable case for the orderly placement of items

* Condition: Brand New
* Color: As pictures shown
* Material: Bass + Aluminum + PVC
* Operating pressure: 600 PSI
* Burst Pressure: 3000 PSI
* Gauge Reading: R134a
* Hose Length: 5 FT/ 1.5m
* Blue gauge (low): 0-500 PSI
* Red gauge (high): 0-800 PSI
* Size of Case: Approx. 39 x 30 x 8cm( L x W x H)
* Package Size: Approx. 31 x 29 x 10cm( L x W x H)
* Gross Weight: Approx. 2.533kg

1 x R134A Manifold Gauges
2 x R134a Couplers Adapters
1 x Red High Side Hose
1 x Blue Low Side Hose
1 x Yellow Service Hose
1 x Can Cap
1 x Wrench
1 x Blow Molded Case


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