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Car Phone Holder

Car Phone Holder

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Universal Clip Rotatable And Retractable Car Phone Holder Driving Recorder Bracket DVR/GPS Mobile Phone Support

No more looking down at navigation. Car phone holder is suitable for those who don't like or aren't used to looking down at their phones when driving.It is also suitable for the co-pilot to watch videos and kill boring time. It won't block your sight.The arm length can be retractable and the angle can be adjusted for a better and safer driving experience. MAIN FEATURES No More Looking Down at Navigation
The phone holder is mounted on the car's and levels with it to keep your eyes on the road.No need to look down at navigation, and get a more comfortable and safer user experience. One-hand Operation You can place or take the phone with one handwhen driving. The Four-claw design of the phone holder holds the phone firmly in place no matter how bumpy the road is. Suitable for all mobile phones and all car models. 360-degree Rotation Adjustment
The arm length can be retractable by 0-5cm,and the angle can be rotated 360 degrees so that you can get the best viewing angle. It doesn't block your view. In addition, it can be used for people at the co-pilot to watch videos, live stream, make video calls, etc.


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