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Outdoor - Garden Gecko 13W Bug Zapper Lantern

Outdoor - Garden Gecko 13W Bug Zapper Lantern

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  • Made from High Impact Plastic with a UV Inhibitor
  • Self-Cleaning Vertical Grid
  • Free Standing or Hanging
  • Meets Australian / New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards
  • Included Catcher Tray
The Gecko 13W Zapper is ideal for use around patios & small backyards. It has an innovative and functional weatherproof design, it can be hung up or placed on a flat surface. It features a highly effective Edison Screw 13W UV lamp. It also features a self-cleaning vertical grid and 1100V bug killing power.

How it Works:

Light travels at different wavelengths broadly grouped into UV,  Visible and Infared. 

The wavelength of light is measure in Nm (Namometres). 1 Nanometre = one thousand millionth of a metre. 

Mosquitoes and other pests are attracted to UV light at a wavelength of 365Nm.  Gecko lamps are specially designed to give off UV light with a peak wavelength at or near 365Nm. 

As pests come into contact with the high voltage grid, they’re electrocuted. These dead pests then drop into the collection tray located at the bottom of a zapper unit.

For best results, place the unit away from your entertainment area and away from competing light sources. Ideally hang at a height of around 2.5m.


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