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Food & Drink Can Crusher Beer Cans Smasher

Food & Drink Can Crusher Beer Cans Smasher

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Can crushes make recycling fast and easy! Crushes your aluminum soda and beer cans flat making them easy to recycle.

Save valuable space both where you store the cans and when you transport them. Now you can haul 5 times as many aluminum cans. It means you'll have fewer trips to the recycling center and each trip will be worth more money. Best of all, you'll be doing your part to help the environment. Recycling is fun and easier than ever with the Crusher.


* Easily crushes cans to save room in the garbage or recycling bin by compressing

* Works for both 12 ounce and 16 ounce cans

* Can be mounted to any solid surface, wall, table, etc.

* With an easy-to-grab handle that makes it easy to operate

* Simply hold the crusher's handle and pull it down to crush a can

* Built-in bottle opener


* Condition: Brand new

* Material: Zinc-aluminium alloy

* Color: As the pictures show

* The whole length: 32.5cm

* The main body size: 24.7 x 8.7cm (Approx.)

* Package size: 10.5 x 8 x 32.8cm (Approx.)

* Weight: 900g (Approx.)


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