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Tech Condenser Microphone Mic Kit

Tech Condenser Microphone Mic Kit

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This is a brand new condenser microphone set specially designed for KTV / home entertainment / project / professional studio applications and live performances.


* High-quality metal, metallic zinc material, strong and durable.

* The surface is treated with baking varnish, which is not easy to rust and fade.

* The installation is simple, the height can be adjusted, and the use is convenient.

* Three-pin XLR interface has strong anti-interference ability and clearer sound quality.

* Cardioid pick-up pattern that picks up best what happens in front of the mic while reducing pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source.

* Intelligent noise reduction function makes the human voice clearer.

* Compatible with Android and Apple systems, various singing and live streaming apps, etc.

* The overall shape adopts a streamlined design, which is ergonomic and comfortable to hold.


* Condition: Brand New

* Microphone Head Material: Metallic Iron

* Hand Holding Part Material: Metallic Zinc

* Color: As pictures shown

* Sensitivity: -34dB±2dB (0dB-1V/Pa at 1kHz)

* Output Impedance: 150Ω±30% (at 1kHz)

* Load Impedance: ≥1000Ω

* Noise Reduction Level: 16dBA

* Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 130dB (at 1kHz ≤ 1%T.H.D)

* Signal to Noise Ratio: 60dB

* Current Consumption: 3mA

* Input Interface: 3.5mm XLR Three-Pin Interface

* 3.5mm Audio Cable Length: Approx. 2.2m

* Product Size: Approx. 16 x 4.7cm (L x Dia.)

* Net Weight: Approx. 1.03kg

* Package Size: Approx. 42 x 25 x 6cm

* Gross Weight: Approx. 1.25kg


1 x Condenser Microphone
1 x Plastic Shockproof Clip
1 x Suspension Mic Bracket
1 x Cantilever Base
1 x Pop Filter
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x USB Sound Card
1 x Sponge Cover
1 x User Manual


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