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Home Decor Magnetic Fly Screen Door Curtain - BLACK

Home Decor Magnetic Fly Screen Door Curtain - BLACK

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Enjoy all year-round insect protection with this revolutionary walk-through, auto-close, Hands-Free Screen Door. (this product attaches to the door with metal thumb tacks - supplied)

This Bug-Off Hands-Free Screen Door is the solution for parties and barbecues, providing hands-free entry and exit for you, your family, guests, and pets...all while keeping bugs out and maintaining a flow of fresh air.

The magnetic auto-close feature automatically shuts the screen each time you walk through it, so do not worry even if your hands are full.


* Magnetic screen door with 14 powerful magnets
* Includes 8 Velcro Strips for easy installation and no tools required
* Magnetic strips ensure screen remains fully closed until you walk through
* Fits most standard single doorways
* Hands free access
* Safe alternative for kids and pets

* Condition: Brand new
* Color: Black
* Size: Approx. 100x210cm


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