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Tech Photo Studio Backdrop Background Stand +Free Bag

Tech Photo Studio Backdrop Background Stand +Free Bag

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This Photo Studio Backdrop Background Stand is perfect for home and professional studio use, fit for all kinds of studio shoots!

The Background Stand is height and width adjustable. It comes with tripod base and clutch collars that make it easy to set up and store. The Stand will hold canvas at ease.

The Backdrop is made of non-woven fabric, helps to absorb light and minimize shadows. It comes with a Free Carrying Bag for easy carry and store.


* Easy to set up

* Adjustable height and width

* Solid mounting and locking stand

* Offers clean background for photo shooting, great for presenting products



* Material: non-woven fabrics

* Color: White

* Size: Approx. 160x200cm (WxH)


* Material: aluminum alloy

* Height: 70cm ~ 200cm

* Width: 140cm ~ 200cm

* Load Weight: Approx.2KG


1 x Background Stand
1 x White Backdrop
1 x Carrying Bag
4 x Clips


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