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Outdoor Ridge Ryder Thermo AC/DC Cooler/Warmer 12 Litre

Outdoor Ridge Ryder Thermo AC/DC Cooler/Warmer 12 Litre

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If warm bottles of water from under the car seat just aren’t doing it for you, and you can’t justify the cost of a fridge freezer, this thermo cooler may be the perfect alternative.

With a 12 litre capacity good for 14 cans of drink; this model is perfect for your day trip, cooling some drinks for the road, or keeping your packed lunch fresh.

Rather than the heavy compressor and condenser components of a fridge freezer, this thermo cooler relies on the much lighter peltier cooling method. Coming in well under 10 kilos and equipped with a carry strap; it’s suitable to place on the back seat, move it to the picnic area, and store it in the shed when you’re done.

The superior cabinet insulation allows this cooler to reach 25 degrees below ambient temperature. And here’s a trick your mates' fridge freezer can’t do: whack a hot meal inside, flick it over to heat mode, and it will warm up to 65 degrees!

Featuring a dual voltage design, you can pack the cooler at home and run it off mains power until you’re ready to go. Switch it over to the 12 volt cable in your vehicle, set the digital control panel to cool or warm, and enjoy convenience on the go.

Two-stage temperature regulation will keep everything in check throughout your day, so all you need to do is open up – and enjoy!


  • Cooling & heating function
  • Cools up to 25° below ambient temperature
  • Digital control panel
  • 240V AC / 12V DC power input
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Two stage temperature regulation


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