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Door Hardware - Ryobi RDHK1 Door Hinge Kit

Door Hardware - Ryobi RDHK1 Door Hinge Kit

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Install Door Hinges with ease using the RYOBI Door Hinge Kit. This kit features a door hinge template with a robust non-marring clamp. This template attaches to doors of any standard thickness without the need for nails or screws. A hinge depth gauge also makes it easy to adjust for standard hinge sizes.

Reversible on-board edges clip into place to accommodate ½” and ¼” round and square hinge shapes. The Kit also has a specially designed router bit with a guard that prevents it from cutting into the sides of the template.

Firmly secure the template to your door using the tightening knob on the side. With the template attached, you can use a trim router or full- size router to remove material and create perfectly-sized notch for installing a door hinge.


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