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Hot Drinks Starbucks by Nespresso So Colombia Coffee Capsules

Hot Drinks Starbucks by Nespresso So Colombia Coffee Capsules

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Take a sip of Nespresso's Starbucks So Colombia Coffee and enjoy its delicious, nutty, authentic blend. This 100% Colombian coffee boasts an intensity level of 7 to give you a refreshing kick to start your day. To preserve its fresh aroma, each capsule comes with tough yet lightweight aluminium packaging.

Key Features 

  • Smooth Flavour: Jumpstart your morning by enjoying this delectable medium roast Colombian coffee with balanced notes of round, juicy, and nutty taste. With this flavoursome roast coffee, you’ll experience a mouth-watering balanced cup filled with smooth and approachable flavours.
  • The Right Intensity: It flaunts an intensity level of 7, perfect for coffee drinkers who love smooth and fine coffee.
  • Origin: 100% Made from Colombia, this coffee capsule aims to bring you that same freshly served signature Colombian Starbucks coffee right at the comfort of your home.
  • Nespresso Goodness: This coffee capsule is compatible with any Nespresso coffee machine.
  • Aluminium Packaging: Sealed in tough yet lightweight aluminium packaging to maintain the coffee’s fresh aroma and protect it from external elements such as oxygen, moisture and light. Easy to use, just slide a pod into your machine to make the perfect cup of joe.


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