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Kitchen Wiltshire Mortar & Pestle Granite Medium

Kitchen Wiltshire Mortar & Pestle Granite Medium

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Aside from looking super stylish and giving you ultimate kitchen cred, the Wiltshire Mortar and Pestle gets the job of crushing and grinding herbs and spices done.

Made from solid granite, the pestle is perfectly weighted to pound, bash and muddle your ingredients for a wide variety of recipes such as pesto, hummus, curry pastes, dressings and flavoured salts.

The humble mortar and pestle is the oldest kitchen gadget in the world but it can unleash the flavours of ingredients in a way that electronic devices can't. It's a kitchen must-have for anyone interested in expanding their culinary expertise.

From grilled chicken with North African spice paste to coleslaw with cumin vinaigrette you will wow your family and friends with the variety and freshness of flavours on offer.

  • 14.5cm wide x 10.5cm high
  • Weight: 2745gms
  • Hand wash only in warm soapy water, rinse & dry thoroughly


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