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Empire 305mm Metric Polycast® Rafter Square

Empire 305mm Metric Polycast® Rafter Square

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Empire 305mm Metric Polycast® Rafter Square

  • Lightweight and durable Polycast® material
  • Easy-to-read graduations on both sides
  • Hard wearing moulded markings
  • Built-in pivot notch
  • Moulded metric conversion tables
Mark accurate 45° and 90° lines with the Empire 305mm Metric Polycast® Rafter Square. It’s also suitable for measuring vertical and horizontal surfaces to check if they’re plumb or flush. Use its large heel and rational size as a saw guide for crosscutting boards up to 305mm wide.

Both sides of this Rafter Square have metric markings to accurately measure and mark lengths. Use the built-in pivot notch to mark angles from 0-90 degrees. The embossed conversion table can be used for making quick rafter calculations.

Made in the USA from a patented Polycast® material, it’s extremely lightweight and durable. Markings are moulded into the material to ensure they’re hard-wearing and easy to read.


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