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Food & Drink 8PCS Whiskey Stones Ice Cube Cooler Reusable Chill

Food & Drink 8PCS Whiskey Stones Ice Cube Cooler Reusable Chill

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Natural Granite Whiskey Stones are perfect for keeping your favorite drink nice and cold. Whether you are drinking high quality whiskey or your average every day cocktail, these soapstone ice rocks will keep your drink at the perfect temperature.

Best of all they won't affect the flavour of your drink and will prevent your drink from getting watered down from melting ice. For best results simply wash after use and air dry before placing in freezer. You will want to use 4-5 stones in a typical drink.


* 100% Brand New!
* Made out of soapstone (soft rock with incredible heat properties)!
* Won't dilute your beverages
* Ability to retain coldness
* Ideal for sustaining your beer, scotch, etc. icy cold
* Chilled for up to 2 hours before use!
* Heat up to keep hot drinks warm!
* No added flavour or odour
* Reusable (clean by hand washing)
* No residues left behind

* Material: Soapstone (natural stone)
* Product Dimensions: 2cm x 2cm x 2cm (L x W x H)


8 x Whisky Stone Ice Cube On The Rocks
1 x Carry Bag


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