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Ladies Hairdressing Scissors Set 8 pcs

Ladies Hairdressing Scissors Set 8 pcs

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Whether you are a professional salon user or just a DIY hair cutter, this hair dressing set will be an ideal tool for you. Constructed from stainless steel, they combine elegant design with high performance qualities, which is super comfy and quiet to use.

Two clippers in different styles allow you creating various and innovative hair styles. Tension adjustment is very easy with the finger adjustable tension screw. And the set is supplied with a zipped storage pouch which keeps everything protected and together in one place. 

PLEASE NOTE: This item should be used for cutting hair only. Other uses void guarantee. 


* Straight Blade 
* Convex edged blades 
* Razor sharp and durable cutting edge 
* Ideal for professional salon or home use 
* High quality screw set that will never lose back by itself 
* Hollow ground and triple honed for ultimate soft cuts while being super-light weight
* Ergonomically designed to provide superior comfort and eliminates stress on wrists and shoulders (Reducing the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) 


* Condition: Brand New
* Material: Stainless Steel 
* Set Consists of: 

1x Case 
1x Straight Cut Shear 
1x Thinning Shear
1x Small Synthetic Chamois Towel 
1x Small bottle of engine oil 
1x Hair Comb 


1 x Hair Scissor Set


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