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Tech JBL Quantum Duo 2.5 Gaming Desktop Speakers

Tech JBL Quantum Duo 2.5 Gaming Desktop Speakers

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The JBL Quantum Duo is JBL’s newest PC speakers that is designed for gamers in mind. The speakers has customizable lights that will seamlessly fit into your gaming rig.

  • JBL Quantum Duo speakers
  • Power cable (1.5m)
  • Micro-USB cable (1.5m) for USB input
  • Audio cable (1.5m)
  • Quick start guide
Tech specs
  • Transducers: 2.5″ woofer, 0.75″ tweeter
  • Output power: 20W RMS
  • Frequency response: 60Hz – 20kHz
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 8.9cm x 21.0cm x 17.6cm
  • Weight: Around 1.4kg for each speaker unit

Size wise, they are very similar to the Creative T100 in height and depth. The JBL Quantum is just slightly longer in terms of width.


There are three ways to connect to the JBL Quantum Duo – (1) USB via micro-USB, (2) Bluetooth, (3) audio in. The easiest way would be to connect the micro-USB to the speaker, then plugging in the USB to your PC. Your PC should recognize a new audio device called ‘JBL Quantum Duo’.

Bluetooth connection is stable and does not have any audio video latency lag when testing it with YouTube videos.

Gaming performance

You can expect to discern audio cues such as footsteps and gunfire more easily then on other speakers. The direction of these audio cues are also quite accurate. Even when gunfire is coming from the left, you can kinda tell how far the shots are based on the volume of the shots.


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