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Laundry Malibu Laundry Hamper Denim $149.99

Laundry Malibu Laundry Hamper Denim $149.99

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Upgrade your laundry room with the Malibu Laundry Hamper Denim. Its linen look design, solid bamboo frame, and natural linen material combine functionality and style.

The ample storage capacity allows you to keep your laundry organized and easily accessible. With its convenient assembly, this hamper is a practical solution for any household. Experience the convenience and elegance of the Malibu Laundry Hamper Denim and make laundry day a breeze.

Introducing the Malibu Laundry Hamper Denim, a stylish and functional addition to your laundry room. This linen look hamper combines a solid bamboo frame with natural linen material, offering a blend of durability and elegance. With its versatile design and thoughtful features, this hamper makes laundry organization a breeze. Please note that some assembly is required. The dimensions of this hamper are approximately h43 x l43 x w77 cm.

  • Linen look elegance: The Malibu Laundry Hamper Denim features a linen look design that adds a touch of sophistication to your laundry room. The denim color and texture create a modern and stylish aesthetic, enhancing the overall decor of your space.
  • Solid bamboo frame: The hamper is built with a solid bamboo frame, providing exceptional sturdiness and durability. Bamboo is a sustainable and eco-friendly material known for its strength, making it an ideal choice for furniture.
  • Natural linen material: The hamper is crafted with natural linen material, which is not only visually appealing but also breathable and easy to maintain. The linen fabric helps to prevent odors and allows airflow, keeping your laundry fresh until it's ready to be washed.
  • Ample storage capacity: With its generous dimensions of approximately h43 x l43 x w77 cm, this hamper offers ample storage space for your laundry needs. You can conveniently place it in your laundry room or bathroom, allowing you to collect and store dirty clothes, towels, or linens.
  • Convenient assembly: Please note that some assembly is required for this hamper. However, the assembly process is straightforward, and all necessary instructions and hardware are included. You'll have your hamper ready for use in no time.


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