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Ozito 6 - 60% And 0.2 - 2.9% Digital Moisture Meter

Ozito 6 - 60% And 0.2 - 2.9% Digital Moisture Meter

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  • For Timber & Building Materials
  • Quick Reference LEDs
  • Datahold & Backlit Display
  • Temperature Measurements
  • Replacement Probes Included

This Digital Moisture Meter is great for non-destructive checking of timber and building products. Evaluate timbers that may be too wet and likely to warp, if the concrete slab you’ve just laid is fully set or if the plasterboard is dry enough for finishing during your next DIY project.

The LED indicators and data hold function allows you to take quick and simple readings, whilst the backlit LCD display improves visibility in dim areas. The auto shut off feature conserves power when inactive, whilst the low battery indicator shows when
the batteries need replacing.

Model Name 6 -60% | 0.2 -2.9% Digital Moisture Meter
Model Number ODMM-P11
Material Plastic, Metal
Colour Grey, Red, Black, Silver
Weight 0.115kg


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