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Ozito Home 12V Staple - Nail Gun - Skin Only

Ozito Home 12V Staple - Nail Gun - Skin Only

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  • Force Adjustment
  • Safety Striker System
  • Charge Indicator Light
  • Staples & Nails Included
  • Fasten Material with Ease
If you have a craft project, upholstery repair or small DIY project, this 12V Staple / Nail Gun is the tool for you. With it’s force adjustment dial, you’ll be able to fasten a wide range of materials around the home including fabric re-upholstery or constructing a canvas frame.

The safety striker system provides safe operation by only firing once the striker pin is pressed against the surface. With the included 400 staples and 100 nails you’ll be ready to fasten materials with ease.


Black / Red
Model Name
12V Staple/Nail Gun - Skin Only
Model Number
Plastic, Metal


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